Thursday 27 October 2011


I love it when a misty morning turns into one of those crisp, sunny days.

Warm weather has it's charms, but there is something nice about being able to wrap up in the hats and scarves that we were so quick to eschew in the spring (despite the temperature being pretty much the same...)

 Also, here are some things from my sketchbook....

(some of these are quite old, but since they haven't been on shown off before I thought I'd share them anyway. Makes me look more productive too! <3) 

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Progress - It Happens!

Believe me, I'm rather shocked and more than a little proud that I actually have been chipping away at the projects that I've set myself!

Part 1: The Rug.
We took these (old worn out Jeans kindly donated by friends and family!) and ripped them into strips....
This is a small sample here.... then we pick three and begin to braid and braid and braid....
I used my sewing machine to weigh it down, which was handy because whenever I ran out of one strand I would pick another one and sew it on. So it grew and grew until we have....

So now I have enough done to make a decent sized rug, but I still have to stitch it together - and you thought the braiding was the tedious part!
So that's the story with the rug! Almost done! <3 

Part 2: Paper Doll! 
This requires far more prototyping and experimentation that I thought it would initially. I really like the idea of dispensing with annoying paper tabs (always tearing!) and replacing them with MAGNETS - this poses a few issues with polarity and what not, so I'm playing with different ideas while I draw outfits on my doll!
There are a few design issues as well, (the hair style shown has been modified since discovering the difficulty involved in cutting out individual strands of hair!) Emily is also helping me come up with outfits for "the lady" so when it's all said and done it will be well and truly kid tested!

So that is it! I feel pretty good for getting this much done in between the school run, domestic goddessery, Roller Derby training, the occasional graphic design work and my constant battle with General Lethargy... oh no, I'm going to have to draw Lethargy in uniform now aren't I?

Love to you all,