Tuesday, 28 August 2012

False Serenity.

Okay, so remember when I posted a few weeks ago about the Redcurrant Jelly, and I was all serene about how it didn't turn out the way I wanted but I was still happy with it? 

I might have gone back on that position a bit. 

In fact, while I was making the Blackcurrant Jam, (which I boiled the heck out of and thus turned into an awful gummy mess,) I thought I might try and give my redcurrant syrup another wee boil, to get it to set. 

Big Mistake. 

I got it to setting point and as I was pouring it into the jar it burnt. It tasted like sugary death. I was SO disappointed, and maybe a little bit angry with myself - all that delicious fruit wasted! (which is why I didn't Blog it right away - time has lessened the sting.)

So, since I won't be using them, I thought I would share these labels I made for my preserves. 

They're nice labels - They deserve to be on better preserves!

Saturday, 18 August 2012


I have plans. Not big, megalomaniac ones, (but not small, insipid ones either,) and they're going to be going hand in hand with a bit of Blog-Redesign.

Now, I know we've been through this all before. Which is why I'm writing this post and saving it as a draft, and I'm only going to publish it once the plans are ACTUALLY in motion. So if you're reading this, we're past the whole "Oh she SAYS she has plans and I'll believe it when I see it!" phase of the endeavor.

OK. So after all this build-up, you might be wondering what these plans are, and I have two words for you.

Printable Stationery.


So maybe it falls in the slightly insipid end of the plan scale, - it's not going to cure cancer or anything -  but if you have an occasion to use stationery, (say, a birthday card!) and you want a quick, easy, inexpensive and relatively instant solution to your lack of stationery, (eg: OMG, I FORGOT TO GET A CARD FOR X'S BIRTHDAY AND I SEE THEM IN FIVE MINUTES!!!) I think printable stationery comes into the fore.

Having said that, I don't have any cards ready YET. But I DO  have, designed and ready to launch, note-paper and envelope sets, which I will also offer as personalized invitations. (ooh! Custom stationery!) I'm also working on designing birthday and greeting cards, labels and tags for home-made gifts, Paper Dolls and other Printable toys and goodies.

If all that takes off, I'd like to offer real PHYSICAL stationery and paper toys that are printed on lovely paper and comes in a package in the mail (because buying real things on the internet is always like buying a present for yourself!)

My Esty shop is HERE and will launch on the 24th of August, 10am GMT, which is less than a week away! 

Have I mentioned that I'm both excited and nervous? 
Because I REALLY am!

AS AN ASIDE: On my trip to Google to check that I had the correct spelling of stationery, (as opposed to stationary - I play fast and loose with grammar and spelling all the time, but some things you have to get right!) I came across the Wikipedia page for Stationery, and was delighted to discover that the name came from the STATIONARY nature of the merchants who sold  goods near universities, and that the Stationer's Company were a big ye-olde mega-company and were the first to use copyright. 
History is Fun :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Street Art

The kids in our estate have been busy in between the rain showers.

The political statement is the censored version - Some square had objections to a child under 10 writing bold words on the pavement. Imagine. 

Which made me think of a poem I'm fond of by Kenneth Fearing.

I just wanted to share that. ♥

Friday, 10 August 2012

Knit Happens

I've been knitting again. 

Top Picture is before blocking, bottom two are during and after. 

It's the Holden Shawlette, (Ravelry link Here!) using Hedgehog Fibres Silk Merino seconds and I love it to pieces! It was my first lace project, and thus riddled with mistakes, but the shape is about right, and only I know where the mistakes are, so not too much harm done. 

The best part is the colour - as you can see, it is Brown, Purple and Grey, depending on the light (as Illustrated by the photographs) and thus goes with EVERYTHING.  

So yes, I knitted it and blocked it all by myself and I feel really clever. 

On to the Robot Jumper!!

P.S. I'm also working on a new Etsy shop project which will hopefully be launched on Thursday the 23th of August. I'm slightly terrified*, but also hopeful... and really looking forward to sharing pictures! 

*Okay, change that to plain old terrified! AHHH!