Thursday, 21 March 2013

Crotchety Auld Thing

I have finally taught myself to Crochet! My poor mother tried to teach me when I was in that awful, stroppy early teen stage, (Sorry mum. Also: looking forward to it, kids.) and so I not only didn't learn much, but I also held an aversion to doing so for quite some time. 

But no more! And I am embarking on my first blanket project! So many firsts! 

This is also one of the rare occasions that I actually made something that I pinned on pinterest. How did I save patterns and webpages before pinterest?  My memory is fuzzy. ANYWAY, the pattern is Something Pretty and I found it over at Millie Makes and it was nice and easy. I say was: I'm not finished it yet, because I keep deciding that I want a bigger blanket. Which was fine while my acrylic yarn supply was holding out, but now I have to pop down the shop and pick out another colour... Maybe a blanket isn't the best thing for a first crochet project! 
I've also been working on other bits and bobs, in between pretty much everyone in the family being sick. Having three people in the family in three different schools means an interesting cocktail of bugs makes it's way home. Joy. I also finished the robot jumper (Yay!) but then it got put in the wash was ruined. (Boo!) But the robots themselves are still intact, so I may have to find some way of salvaging them... It's like the project that keeps on giving!