Saturday, 3 September 2011

Getting Stuff Done

Well that is the plan, at any rate. I hit a bit of a slump in the old productivity over the past few months, but with a few changes in place (the elder child starting school, the younger child having daycare for a couple of days a week and Himself going to college) I should have some time aaall to myself. And it is in this time that I shall Get Stuff Done.*

The first thing that is getting done, house work and other pressing matters aside, are paper dolls. When I was a smaller person I loved paper dolls, we had several sets and there was something special about them that you just couldn't get with an actual doll... who knows, maybe it was an early sign of my future "pretty things on paper" fetish which has manifested itself over the past few years! So it's something that I wanted to share with my kids. I have the base doll drawn up, and all I have to do now is give her some clothes...

Second on the list is to make a Rug. I have two collections on the go at the moment, one of old t-shirts and one of old jeans. Both are destined to become rugs. We shall see if they are worthy of being shown to the world.

So now that I've blogged about doing these things, I am obliged to keep my promise to the internet (and you, dear readers) and, you know, actually DO them. Wish me luck!

*I know that serial capitalisation bothers some people, but I truly believe that some things have transcended mere noun-ness and deserve the hallmark of a Proper Noun. I beg your forgiveness for my little follies, they make me happy :)

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