Wednesday 7 August 2013

Picking Favourites.

I've been (slowly...) chugging away at this 30 Day Drawing Project for the last few months. (At this rate it's going to be a 30 week Drawing Project... or maybe even 30 Years?) The first few ideas were easy enough to deal with, but then came the business of picking a FAVORITE animal. Then a favorite food, film, T.V. program, book, sweet...
Day 9, Favorite TV show (The I.T. Crowd!)
I must confess, I'm not entirely comfortable with this whole "favorite" lark. It smacks of favoritism! (see what I did there?) How can I just choose one favorite book or film? Besides, I don't really have things that are my favorite for any length of time. My favorites change over time and vary according to my mood, so the idea of immortalizing my current favorite anything makes me a bit squirmy. I mean, what if my favorite food is something really embarrassing in 10 years time?
Left: Day 6, Favorite Book (The Ordinary Princess)   Right: Day 4 Favorite Place 
 But, a drawing challenge has been embarked upon. Drawings must be made. 

Day 3, Favorite Food (Asian Spiced Salmon with noodles and sauce)
 And if choosing one is too hard, who is to say I can't draw two? (or more?)
Day 8, Favorite Animated Character(s!) Spike Speigel and Sailor Jupiter
 So am I the only person who resists choosing favorites? Also, if you have any favorite books, films to TV shows to share I'd love to hear it - Who knows, maybe it'll be my new favorite too!

P.S. About the knitting in the last post? It got Frogged. Lesson: I hate Nupps. 


  1. well my favourite is your animated characters :-)

    1. Thank you! I can think of at least 10 other animated characters that would fit the bill, but that may be because I spent a good chunk of my teenage years watching cartoons...

  2. Lists are popular these days...


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