Tuesday 13 May 2014

Knock Backs

This is a bit of a tricky post for me to write - I think it's easier to put a positive face on when you're blogging, to make a post when things are going well and remain silent when things aren't so great.
Sometimes the "not so great" is something small and petty, and not worthy of mention, hence the silence. And sometimes it's something too big and personal and important to try and express in a few lines of type sent blissfully off to sit on some server somewhere, with millions of others like them.
Without context, however, the silence sounds the same. 
Having a post schedule to follow is helpful in such occasions too - rather than just sitting down and sharing whatever is on your heart, mind or camera, you have things saved up to share when your life goes off the rails.

Sorry, this is all a trifle ambiguous (and possibly self indulgent) but wrapped up in all the "not saying" is that things are back on track and I hope (once again) to get back to posting more often. And who knows. Maybe one of these days I'll work up the guts to actually say something in one of them. :)



  1. Things do tend to go off the rails every now and then, don't they? Whatever is going on, you do express yourself beautifully in photography Holly. Hugs.


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