Wednesday 5 February 2014

Feburary Photos - Week 1

Here are some photographs from this week - I've been going through my old photo folders recently, and I realised that I haven't been taking as many photos these days. Couple that with my Daughter's 7th birthday, and the awful realisation that my kids are growing up and one day these photographs are going to be my best bet when it comes to remembering it all.... Well. Let's just say that the camera has been getting a bit of a workout. 
I also want to improve my photography skills, and take pictures of things in my life other than the kids (I asked if I could blog pictures of them - they said no.) 
So here is what we have this week: (from top left, clockwise - just like in the newspaper!)
1. Cloud, by Olly Moss 
2. Something Orange
3. Detail of a chapel at Ardmore, co. Waterford
4. Crows being total geezers
5. Best egg breakfast ever
6. Complete and utter vanity.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! 


  1. I really like these shots - especially the breakfast one, mouth watering!

    1. Thank you! I can say from experience that it was delicious too. Runny yolk =YUM! :)

  2. Jimmy Fallon commented on this in his Late Night Show. We love pictures of food (especially when it's appealing). ^_^

    1. Hee hee, I know I do! Although food photos always make me hungry....


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